Spéciale Découverte by Dr. Jules has a history as rich as our products and we have founder Aristene Jules to thank. Our founder came from a long lineage of apothecarists. Aristene grew up helping his father prepare skin and hair care treatments that had been passed down in his family for several generations dating back as far as 1764. The popularity of his treatments spread and people traveled for miles in order to be seen by him and take home a coveted basket of his hand prepared products wrapped in brown paper with his trademark red stamp reading ‘Spéciale Découverte’ (Special Discovery).

Aristene’s knack for curing the most persistent skin disorders earned him the title of Dr. Jules. Aristene traveled the world to further his studies, enriching his knowledge and adding to his repertoire of preparations and treatments.

Now a new generation of the Jules family has made these exclusive and coveted skin and hair care treatments available to you and your family. Spéciale Découverte by Dr. Jules skin and hair care continues the Jules family tradition of using only all natural ingredients of the highest quality. To this time honored tradition we’ve added cutting edge state-of-the-art beauty technology to produce a truly unique and luxurious line of skin and hair care products for the 21st century.

Treat yourself today to Spéciale Découverte by Dr. Jules and experience the benefits of all natural beauty! http://specialedecouverte.com/shop/

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